Feathers & Honeybees story

Feathers & Honeybees: A Story of Spirit – Part 1 The Feathers

I grew up without any kind of religion or spiritual beliefs. Nothing other than the real, solid, ‘see it, smell it, touch it’ stuff was ever talked about in our house, and so although I kind of knew in myself (once I was old enough to begin questioning such things) that there had to be something bigger than us, I had no idea what.

I remember as a young teenager, having long and meaningful discussions with my best friend at the time about how it all worked, and what it all meant. Our favorite theory at the time was that Jesus was an alien, and God was his spaceship.

Hey! It sounded plausible…

Fast forward thirty years, and my interest in all things spiritual began to rise suddenly when I was introduced to the ‘Conversations With God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch.

After borrowing the first book from the library, I managed to buy the whole series of three books second hand, but only read the first two. I did start the third at that time, but quickly lost interest and put the book away.

Fifteen years later, I’m finally reading book three.

So in the past fifteen years, I’ve gone from no understanding about how this amazing Universe works, to being an avid student of Universal Laws, listening to Abraham Hicks every day, and finding other teachers to help me work stuff out with perfect timing always.

Bring Me Feathers

Eleven years ago we moved from New Zealand back to Australia. Prior to leaving, we’d gone to visit my Grandmother who was affectionately known as Little Nana by us kids. She was ninety nine and three quarters, and I knew it would be the last time I saw her.

She made her transition about four weeks after our move.

Around that time I read a story about how John Lennon had told his son Julian that should he ‘pop off’, if it were possible, he’d let him know he was okay by bringing him a white feather.

Julian was eventually presented with that white feather at a celebration in Australia.

So this story inspired me, and it gave me an idea.

I spoke to my ‘Little Nana’ in spirit, and I asked her to send me feathers if there was any way she could possibly do that.

I watched and I waited, but there were no feathers, and then life became very messy and so without realizing it, I forgot all about my request, and the expectation of random feathers dropped away.

The Worst Time of My Life

Two months after my Grandmother passed, hubby and I moved to New South Wales where we bought a small business. In hindsight we went into this business for all the wrong reasons, completely unprepared, and we realized we were in big trouble from the very first week.

It’s kind of a long story, but both of us now realize that while in the process of buying that business, our inner guidance was trying to warn us away from it. We discussed how we were feeling at the time. We were both feeling that we should pull out before it was too late, but we didn’t listen to those inner voices.

Instead, we listened to the self development gurus, chalked our feelings up to fear, and made the decision to push through that fear, and plowing ahead into something that would change our world.

The next twelve months were a time of amazing contrast. We had some great times, and met some amazing, beautiful people, while at the same time hiding from the outside world what was really going on for us.

For me during this time, particularly for the first few months, I wasn’t sure I could make it. I spent my days holding my shit together, smiling, being friendly and going through the motions of what needed to be done to run our business.

Then I spent my evenings sobbing harder than I’ve ever sobbed before, ranting like a mad woman, and finding myself wanting to run faster and harder than I’d ever run, away from this mess that felt so much like hell.

Suicide felt like a fairly decent option many times, while the psyche ward looked like a fairly real probability.

Hubby looked on helplessly, worried also that I wouldn’t manage to endure the mess we had found ourselves in.

Then the feathers came.

I started to notice feathers here and there. I remembered my request to Little Nana, but at first I put it down to coincidence and imagination.

I mean there are birds everywhere – right?

But then I began to find feathers in strange places, and it was after finding a feather on the duchesse in my bedroom that I shared what was happening with hubby.

I began to realize that when I my thoughts were in a good place, the feathers came. It felt like confirmation that I was on the right track. And as time went on, the feathers got really crazy.

I had one day when I had to sweep literally hundreds of feathers out of the rooms in our business. There were piles of them! We had no idea how they got there. It was as though a flock of birds had died, and the feathers had blown through the open doors on an unseen wind.

Another day hubby and I were sitting in the car at a shopping center chatting. Our conversation stopped suddenly as I noticed a single feather floating down in front of the windscreen. Hubby followed my eyes and saw it too.

We stopped talking and watched in amazement as this single white feather floated down in front of the windscreen, dancing and spiraling around and around, from the windscreen to the drivers window, and back again, up to the top of the windscreen as though on the perfect little breeze, then down and up, up and down, around and around it went.

We watched in amazement, unsure whether to believe what we were seeing.

Then as suddenly as it the feather had appeared, it was whisked away down under the car and was gone.

During this time, the feathers helped me to know that everything was going to be okay, even if I didn’t quite know how to explain what was happening.

I didn’t need to be able to explain it. It just was.

The feathers stopped coming eventually, once we closed the doors on our business, walked away, and got back to living our lives. I guess they weren’t needed any more.

*Update: The story didn’t end here. Read part two of this story here…

*And then part three happened unexpectedly. You can read that here…

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