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ConTact C.A.R.E. Treatment For Severe Neck Pain –  2018

I had an amazing treatment from Sue. I had neck problems for years. I was sent to a Neurosurgeon after an X-ray showed severe problems. Treatment was to be radical surgery.

I went to Sue for massage and relief.

As my neck was in a bad way, treatment had to be ‘gentle’. Contact Care Flinchlock Release was completely non-invasive, and my neck not really touched.

Two days later I experienced a huge spontaneous ‘crack’. After being so uncomfortable, sudden freedom.

My next visit to the surgeon and an MRI resulted in no surgery needed and I was discharged to the care of my GP.

How amazing!

Gloria S.

Treatment For Shoulder Pain – 2018

Just wanted to say, I was very happy with the results of my massage  therapy sessions with Sue. I haven’t had any recurring problems with my shoulder since.

Cheryl D.

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ConTact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release For Migraines

Mrs A came to me in 2018 to see if I could help with her migraines. She had been living with daily migraines for 18 years after having a hysterectomy. She was seeing a medical specialist every few months, and was taking many strong medications to allow her to work and to be able to function.

Her second appointment was booked for one week after her first treatment. Before the treatment she told me that she had had no migraines since her first treatment. She still had a slight headache and a strange feeling on the left side of her head, but no migraines.

Another two treatments got rid of all symptoms. I bumped into her in March 2019 and she was happy to tell me that she is off all medications as no longer suffers with migraines.

Contact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release For Concussion & Sciatica

Mrs S was referred to me a few weeks prior to Christmas as she had severe sciatic pain. She’d been suffering with it for over 6 months and was in so much pain that she was walking with a walking stick and could not get comfortable anywhere or in any position.

Sitting, standing and lying down were all extremely painful.

I told her (somewhat optimistically) that I was hoping to get her off the walking stick by Christmas.

She had two treatments prior to Christmas and booked a third treatment for the New Year.

When she arrived for her first treatment in the new year, she told me that I nearly had her off her walking stick by Christmas, but then she’d had ‘another one of her falls’.

I asked her what she meant – another one of her falls – and she told me that she’d been having quite regular falls for a couple of years. She’d be going about her day, doing whatever, then suddenly she’d be falling and it was too late to stop herself.

She’d been to the doctor numerous times and had been hospitalised due to injuries from these falls, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and she said the doctor (her GP) made her feel like an idiot as he told her she must know she was falling and maybe she should wear different shoes…

So I tested her for concussion that day and her positive test was the most positive test I’ve ever seen! However she didn’t know she’d ever had a concussion.

I treated her for concussion that day and when she came for her next treatment, she said “It might sound strange, but I feel somehow steadier on my feet”.

We did a few more treatments for her sciatica as her fall seemed to have undone the benefits of the first two treatments and we managed to resolve her pain completely.

When I last saw her a couple of years after treating her, she’d had no more falls.

It is my belief from the test performed and the result, that Mrs S had had a concussion at some point in her life, that only in her later years had become an issue and was causing this bizarre symptom.

It has been my experience that Contact Care Flinchlock release can often undo the effects of old concussions, and in the process put an end to unusual symptoms that there appears to be no answer for.

Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy – Case 1

Seventy one year old Mrs X came to me complaining of pain in the upper left side of her back. This had been an ongoing problem for 2 years and she had been back and forth to doctors for tests. Over the two years of repeated doctors visits she had various x-rays and scans.

She had had her kidneys checked for problems, all tests coming back negative.

The pain was severe enough that she spent a lot of time in bed, took pain killers daily and could not perform normal household tasks such as sweeping or vacuuming as these movements aggravated the problem.

Mrs X attended two half hour sessions. After some assessment, I performed light massage to her back and used soft tissue releases on her Latissimus Dorsi muscle and Abdominal Obliques. On her second visit (one week later) she was pleased with the result as she hadn’t had to take any pain killers since her visit as her pain was almost gone.

Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy – Case 2

Forty four year old Mrs Y presented with a problem involving her right arm and shoulder. The arm, shoulder and affected side of the upper back were painful and had been progressively worsening for the past 18 months or so. She was unable to sleep on her right side due to pain, and her forearm and some of the fingers on the affected hand were almost constantly numb or pins and needles.

She had visited a chiropractor who had suggested that her problems may be the result of whiplash, however there was nothing in her history to suggest that a whiplash injury may have occurred.

However after discussing her history, I came to the conclusion that her problems had stemmed from her occupation of many years as a Data Entry Operator. She had spent every day for over 10 years typing constantly without the recommended breaks, exercises etc.

Mrs Y’s problems were completely resolved over six weekly visits comprising Deep Tissue massage to her back and arms and soft tissue release to various affected muscles including Pectoralis Major and Minor, Triceps and Brachioradialus.

Please note: Each and every case is as unique as each person that walks through my door. If you have pain or injury, it may resolve quickly or slowly, or occasionally not at all. I can not guarantee any treatment, but I can guarantee that I will always do my best to help you.

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