Feathers & Honeybees

Feathers & Honeybees: A Story of Spirit – Part 2 The Bees

* If you haven’t read part one of this story, you can find it here.

I’ve used essential oils for years, but began using doTERRA essential oils two years ago. Sharing these oils is now a part of my life and we have a stall at a couple of local markets each month. It’s one way that I share the oils.

Last summer I began to notice that bees would come and land on my oil bottles when we were at the markets. They’d walk around on top of my sample bottles that sit in the case on my table. At first I thought it might have been the colored labels on the lids that attracted them.

But then they started to land on me!

It began to happen more and more, and I wondered if they could smell the oils. I’d never experienced this with other brands of essential oils, but figured that maybe because doTERRA oils are so pure and the real deal, the bees were attracted to them.

So I Googled… Do bees have a sense of smell?

And yes they do. So I figured that was it.

But it seemed that the bees were getting more and more persistent! They’d try to follow me into the car, and they’d land on my head or my clothes without my knowing.

In my treatment room at work they’d come in the window — in droves! One day I was working on a client, and I realised I had EIGHT honey bees flying around my room and crawling on the floor.

It was crazy – and just a little distracting...

So I decided to keep my window closed to keep them out. However I’d still see them flying around outside, and crawling on the outside of the window as though they were still trying to get in.

One day I even had a bee crawl under my treatment room door while I was working. I had bare feet and I almost stood on it!

Now I have to explain that my clinic is in an arcade, and the door is probably 20 meters away from the street, down a cold, dark hallway, and so this was no random event.

This was a bee on a mission!

They would also come into my house in large numbers when the windows were open.

Seriously! What is with these bees?

Then winter came and the bees slowed down. But on sunny warmer days, when bees are able to function, they’d still be there, flying around me, trying to land on me. I’d walk outside and they’d make a ‘bee-line’ for me. (Pun very much intended).

Bees Sure Do Love These Oils!

A couple of nights ago I was telling my son and daughter-in-law that I was going to have to get a screen on my window at work, and I explained about the bee situation.

My son and daughter in law also use doTERRA oils.

My daughter in law sat and listened in wonder as I told her. Apparently she doesn’t have that experience with the bees, even though she’s using the same oils.

Strange but true…

The Spirit Guide Thing

I’ve never really paid too much attention to the whole ‘spirit guide’ thing. I’ve had friends and clients who talk about their guides, and I’ve done a few little exercises, or meditations in the past to supposedly meet them, but never really taken the whole thing too seriously.

Even though I totally know that spirit exists within and around us, and connects us to everything in this Universe, the whole ‘guide’ thing has always just seemed, well you know – a bit weird.

Then I came across Christie Marie Sheldon. She’s an amazing spiritual healer and teacher, and I love the way she works. So I signed up for one of her courses a couple of days ago. In the course she has several meditations and one of them is about meeting your spirit guides.

I jumped ahead in the course, and did that meditation yesterday.

It didn’t take me too long to get into it (once I got used to the music), and I listened to Christie’s voice as she instructed me to ask my guide to come forward. I could see a light in front of my eyes and I felt the gifts in my hands that I was instructed to ask for.

Then I asked for my guides name.


Ummmm, is that Eliza? Or Meliza? Please spell your name.


Okay. I have to say it’s not a name I’d ever heard before, but I seem to remember in similar meditations I’d done in the past getting what I thought was the name Eliza — no ‘M’.

I finished the meditation, and noticed that it seemed like I could still feel her presence on my right side where I’d been instructed to ask her to remain.

So I told hubby about my guide while making our morning cuppa. His reaction?

Why can’t these things have normal names?

I laughed, and we sat down to drink our drinks and listen to Abraham (our morning ritual).

As I listened to Abraham, I was inspired to Google the name Meliza to see if it was actually a real name, and if so, what it meant.

This is what I found….

Meliza means BEE. Are you kidding me?

This bee thing has been happening for nearly two years now, and they’ve been gradually getting more persistent. It’ll be interesting to see if they slow down after this. I might not need that screen for my window after all!

Do I Believe in Spirit Guides Now?

My thoughts about ‘spirit guides’ haven’t really changed. I believe that we can be guided by Universal Intelligence, Source, God or our Inner Being — depending on what you want to call that energy that surrounds us, moves through us and IS us – IF we allow it.

The human part of us needs to try to make sense of things we can’t really comprehend while in these bodies, and so separate ‘guides’ make sense to many people.

For me I believe that we are all connected, flowing from the same energy and the larger part of us that resides in the spiritual realm understands how this works in a way that we can’t.

When we ask for guidance, spirit allows us to receive that guidance in ways that makes sense to us, and so if that is in the form of our own guides with names to call on, then that is perfect.

My belief is that the name Meliza was the culmination of my Inner Being letting me know I’m on the right track, that things are always working out for me, and that I’m guided and supported always, and in all ways.

The bees were just the messengers, waiting for the day I would do this meditation and put those amazing pieces together.

I love how this Universe continues to inspire and delight me. There is nothing better.

P.S. I thought this was the end of the story, but it wasn’t. Read part 3 here.

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