About Me

Welcome to my website. I’m Sue Woledge. I’m a bodywork practitioner, a blogger, a sharer of information about wholistic and natural health – and I make jewellery in my spare time.

I work from my home in Te Aroha, Waikato, using ConTact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release, Remedial Therapeutic Massage, Soft Tissue (Myofascial) Therapy and doTERRA essential oils to provide relief from aches, pain, injury, restriction in mobility, migraines and other symptoms of ‘dis-ease’ in the bodies of my clients.

I’ve been helping people with their aches and pains for well over 20 years now, but I’m still learning. I consider myself always a student!

I’m always joining dots, looking at alternative information and I love nothing more than experimenting and implementing new ideas.

Sue Woledge

My Mission

Both within my bodywork practice and this website, my mission is always to provide services, products and information that helps others to have more control over their bodies, their lives and their health.

My aim is always to help others to live their best life, with less pain and more understanding of how their body works and ways they can improve their health.

I’m constantly digging into new topics and so I share information based on my own experiences, research and learning so that others can take what makes sense to them, and apply it in their own lives if they so choose.

Ultimately the health of each adult human being is dependent on self responsibility, and for that to be successful, access to truthful information based on personal experiences, successes and failures is imperative. 

More About Sue

I’m a qualified Remedial Therapist with over twenty years of professional experience. I was originally trained and began massaging while working for a Naturopath in a small town in South East Queensland where I was living at the time. Then after a move to the Gold Coast in 1998, I undertook and completed a Diploma in Remedial Therapies extending my knowledge and skills, and increasing my ability to help clients.

After a move back to New Zealand in 2015, I began training and practicing ConTact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release Therapy.

I originally opened and operated Mountain View Massage & Health in Te Aroha between 2004 and 2008 before a move back to Australia saw the clinic close. Then after returning to New Zealand, I reopened my Te Aroha clinic and I’m happy to be treating both new and old clients once again.

My qualifications include a Diploma in Remedial Therapies which includes:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Therapies
  • Soft Tissue Therapies (Myofascial release techniques)

And training in ConTact C.A.R.E. Flinchlock Release has changed my practice with Flinchlock treatments making up the bulk of my work with clients today.

I have also trained in:

  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu
  • Naturopathic philosophy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Iridology

Outside of natural health I’ve studied and hold qualifications in other areas such as Creative Writing, Information Technology and Fitness, plus I’ve spent my adult life nurturing a passion for researching and learning about all things to do with natural health, diet and other topics.

If you have questions about what I do or whether I can help you, please contact me by phone or text, or email me via my contact page.

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