Feathers & Honeybees

Feathers & Honeybees: A Story of Spirit – Part 3 Melissa

What does have to do with my honey bee story? You’re about to find out…

I’ve just moved this story from Medium.com as I think it deserves a home on my own blog. It’s an important story to me, and as I moved it, I decided that I needed to do a quick update on what’s happened since I realised that the honeybees were hanging out with me for a reason.

If you haven’t read the first two parts of this story go read them now – Part 1 here & Part 2 here.

So I wondered at the time of writing part two whether the honey bees would slow down, and I’m here to tell you that they have. After two years of being harassed by bees I’m pleased to say that:

  • I can open my windows at work…
  • I haven’t had a bee land on me for many months…
  • And they’ve stopped trying to get in the car with me!

But just as I thought it was all over, something else happened a few weeks ago that felt like a definite continuation of this bizarre bee story…

My First Ever Bottle Of Melissa Essential Oil

I’ve wanted to try since not long after I joined doTERRA. But it’s pretty expensive at around $240 NZD for a 5ml bottle – and that’s the wholesale price!

There’s no way I could afford to buy a bottle at that price. But there has been a couple of times over the last twelve months where I’ve had enough loyalty rewards points to get a bottle for free. However each time this happened, I couldn’t bring myself to use all those points on one bottle of oil…

However as time went on, I heard more and read more about Melissa essential oil and I was curious. I really wanted to try it!

The Melissa plant (also known as Lemon Balm) has some great health benefits, and I’ve used the fresh leaves off and on for a number of years. I actually have a Melissa plant in a pot outside my back door and I use it to make a tea occasionally, or I put the leaves into juices and smoothies.

But the essential oil was new to me. So finally I found myself again with enough points to get a bottle of Melissa essential oil for free, and so I bit the bullet and did it!

I got my first ever bottle of Melissa essential oil!

And Melissa Means…

So here I was – finally getting a bottle of Melissa! In my excitement I was Googling like a mad woman, looking for information on the benefits of Melissa essential oil, and discovering ways to use it.

It was during my hunt for information that I came across this…

…and I had to wonder if that’s what this has been about the whole time.

Who knows.

Now I find myself intrigued, because aside from the physical benefits of Melissa, the emotional aspects of this oil are pretty cool and totally relevant.

Melissa IS The Oil Of Light

From the book “Emotions and Essential Oils” (You can find it on Amazon here)…

“Melissa oil awakens the soul to truth and light. It reminds individuals of who they truly are and why they came to this earth. Melissa invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential.

Melissa assists individuals in receiving spiritual guidance by reconnecting them with their inner voice. It uplifts the soul by preparing one to ascend…

…Melissa’s enthusiasm is contagious. Through the intense light and vibration this oil has to offer, individuals may feel they cannot help but let go of feelings of darkness, despair, and other low vibrations that are holding them down. It teaches the joy of living.”

I’ve missed a big chunk out of the middle of the page on Melissa for the sake of brevity. If you want to read it all, grab yourself a copy.

But you get the idea.

Melissa is the perfect oil for anyone on a spiritual path and I believe now that the message from the bees was not just confirmation that I’m guided, but a clue that my avoiding using my points for Melissa wasn’t a good idea.

Melissa is definitely an oil I want to use.

So How Do I Use Melissa Essential Oil?

At this stage, in an effort to make my Melissa last as long as possible, I’m simply putting my thumb over the dripper so I get a little oil, but not a whole drop, and then putting it on to the roof of my mouth.

This feels like enough as she is quite potent, and I’m enjoying inhaling her lemony fragrance.

It’ll be interesting to see the changes I feel from Melissa over time. I love essential oils!

The end. 

Or maybe not. We’ll see! 😉

✅ Want to try Melissa yourself? .

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