doTERRA Essential Oils

It’s easy to buy doTERRA essential oils online in New Zealand or almost any country in the world, and choosing doTERRA essential oils is absolutely the best choice when it comes to purchasing essential oils to use in your home or business.

doTERRA have the largest range of PURE essential oils in the world and this is important to know because unfortunately most essentials oils available today are adulterated.

doTERRA have stringent standards and their essential oils go through over 50 different tests to ensure that these essential oils are not only consistently pure, but that they are also consistently effective.

The common adulteration in other brands of essential oils can vary from being diluted with vegetable oils or less expensive essential oils, to having man made substances added to them, or containing pesticide residues or petrochemicals.

Thankfully we can trust doTERRA essential oils.

I only keep a few essential oils in my clinic for sale, but buying doTERRA online is easy. Simply click the button below to be taken through to my doTERRA online store where you can either purchase doTERRA products at retail prices, or open your own wholesale account and save a minimum of 25% on all future purchases.

If you have questions please contact me. I’m happy to help.

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  1. Sue Woledge

    I’ve been using doTERRA essential oils for 3 years now and I wouldn’t be without them. They support me and my family physically, mentally and spiritually in ways no other essential oils ever have (and I’ve used essential oils for over 30 years). I recommend them to anyone who uses or would like to start to use essential oils in their day to day life.

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doTERRA Essential OilsdoTERRA Essential Oils
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