Trace Ocean Minerals

Trace Ocean Minerals is by far one of the most nutritious products we have the pleasure of bringing to you. This is a concentrated solution that you add to your water to make it healthy and mineral rich again. It contains an impressive variety of ionic sea minerals humans need to be healthy. Natural, pure and clean — it’s a wonderful way to transform regular tap or bottled water into a healthy, mineral-rich drink that your body loves! Trace is made from ocean water off the southern coast of Australia — pulled from an area that is especially teeming with minerals and trace elements that are vital to human health and well-being. The ocean water, where almost every mineral and trace element required by the human body can be found, is gathered and dehydrated using solar evaporation. In addition to removing most of the water (H2O) itself, this also naturally eliminates a lot of sodium.

Trace Ocean Minerals contains 70+ major and trace minerals, 1,800+ mg of ionic sea minerals in every tsp and 12% of your daily required magnesium in every serving. The ocean minerals found in this special solution provide your body with a myriad of health benefits including strengthening your bones, soothing muscle aches, protecting your organs, boosting your energy levels, and replenishing the magnesium your body is missing!


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Trace Ocean MineralsTrace Ocean Minerals
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