Tallow Balm For Face & Dry Skin – 150ml


Inspirit Balms Tallow Balm Perfect for dry, aging skin, & gardeners hands.   Directions for use: Warm a little tallow balm on the hands to soften and apply to the skin as required.

Inspirit Balms tallow balm is created to be used on your face or body. The original version contains herbal extracts of Yarrow, chosen for its skin healing properties, along with pure essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Tea Tree and Geranium.

The Unscented version contains Yarrow infused oil and Tallow only – no essential oils or added fragrance.

Weight: 125 grams


Tallow is an amazing moisturiser for the skin that has many beneficial nutrients, and is restorative with a luxurious feel. Tallow has been used for natural skin care for centuries, and is a time honored, non-toxic moisturiser for the face and body.

Tallow balm helps provide an emollient skin barrier that’s beneficial for all skin types and is a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). It won’t clog pores so it’s often helpful for those with acne-prone skin, oily skin, and breakouts. The nutrients in tallow are beneficial for overall skin health and integrity, and they are not found in plant based oils.

Inspirit Balms original tallow balm also contains pure essential oils chosen for their healing, calming, and anti-aging effects. It is perfect for face and body, for dry skin, aging skin and gardeners hands, but can be used by all ages.

Directions for use: Put a little tallow balm on the hands and warm by rubbing the hands together to melt it, then apply to the skin, but be warned! A little goes a long way.

InSpirit Balms tallow balm contains NO synthetic fragrances, NO artificial colours, NO toxic chemicals. My tallow balm is made in my kitchen, with love, using pure, natural ingredients only!

Please Note: What’s not on the label?… Many brands of essential oils are commonly adulterated with petrochemicals, cheap vegetable oils, and/or cheaper essential oils to increase profits, while others are often contaminated with pesticide residues and more. I use the only the purest and most efficacious essential oils in my tallow balm. Every batch of my chosen brand is put through MANY levels of testing (over fifty) to ensure they are both pure and effective. This ensures that my product won’t ever contain anything that shouldn’t be there!

Weight 0.125 kg

Original, Unscented


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Tallow Balm For Face & Dry Skin – 150ml
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