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Protection Pendants & EMF Protection – Why Do We Need It?

When it comes to the world of protection pendants, Life Energy scalar energy pendants, or Nu-me pendants are second to none. These gorgeous pendants will help to protect you, not only from EMF’s, but from other unwanted energies as well.

The Nu-Me protective pendants are lovely pieces of jewellery that create a protective field around the wearer spanning approximately 6-7 meters, and providing complete protection from all unbalanced energy, entities, and EMF’s.

EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and the effects they have on our body is a huge subject, and there are a growing number of people looking for EMF protection pendants and other products. I’m going to do my best to make this explanation simple, and then I’ll point you in the direction of more in depth information in case you want to learn more.

I’ll also share the tools I’ve found that can help to protect us from electromagnetic fields.

So What Is EMF?

EMF is the abbreviation for ‘electromagnetic field’.

EMF’s are the radiation that is created when passing an electrical current through a wire such as the wiring in the walls of your house, smart-meters,  or when using an electrical appliance or device such as a hairdryer or shaver. 

They also include the radiation created by WIFI signals from your internet router, and mobile phone towers sending microwave radiation to connect with your phone.

These days we literally spend our lives bathed in EMF’s.

In fact we are exposed to “as much as 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were,” notes Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author of Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution.

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What Are EMF Exposure Symptoms?

The truth is that we are electrical beings and EMF’s can cause chaos in our bodies.

Some people are definitely more susceptible or sensitive to EMF exposure than others, and many people experience symptoms even if they don’t realise that that’s what’s wrong with them.

Some people become aware that EMF’s cause them symptoms, and for some of those people their symptoms can be truly debilitating.

For others however, the symptoms caused by EMF’s can be more subtle, and are often not recognised as such. So they make their way through life looking for answers to niggly health issues without success.

Common symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Poor memory
  • Rashes
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Shortness of breath

How many people do you know who suffer with one or more of these symptoms?

EMF’s have also been shown in studies to affect the Pineal gland and Melatonin production, affecting sleep, bodily repair functions and the body’s ability to prevent cancer.

The Pineal gland produces Melatonin when it’s dark, but can’t tell the difference between EMF and light. The first symptom of reduced melatonin is generally insomnia with other more serious conditions following and increased cancer risk.

Do WE Need EMF Protection? How To Protect Yourself From EMF’s

I personally am a bit sensitive to EMF’s. I’ve noticed symptoms that appear when I’m not protected or when I’ve been highly exposed to EMF’s such as shortness of breath, a niggly cough,irritability, fatigue and depression.

I’m aware of these things now and although sometimes I don’t click right away, I know what to do to reduce my exposure.

Here’s a few ways you can reduce EMF exposure:

  • Turn off WIFI at night or when not in use
  • Turn off mobile phones when not in use
  • Don’t keep mobiles phones in pockets or bras
  • Do not use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop when it is plugged into the power supply (important!)
  • Turn off power to appliances when not in use
  • Turn off electric blankets
  • Replace your smart meter with a different type of electricity meter
  • Use personal and household EMF protection products

Best EMF Protection – Which Products Do I Use?

Personally I really like Life Energy Solutions products (Find them here). I’ve been using (and recommending) their products for quite a few years now.

Their products are New Zealand designed and made, and they’re fantastic quality. They have quite a range of products including personal EMF protection like their Nu-me pendants, as well as whole house EMF protection such as the P.e.Bal pyramid.

They have some beautiful pendant designs. These make a great gift for a friend (or yourself!) and will protect the wearer for years to come. If you click on the banner or the links above they will take you to the Life Energy Solutions website which has a lot more information on the problems surrounding electromagnetic fields, and information on how their products work.

Also watch the video below to see how the Nu-me pendant makes you stronger (it really does!).

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