Medical Apartheid

Medical Apartheid & Discrimination In New Zealand

We went camping this week, Hubby and I. Just for a few days. It’s the first ‘holiday’ we’ve had in over three years.

And on one of the days while we were away it was our 37th wedding anniversary.

Did we celebrate? Not really. We couldn’t go out to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate. We couldn’t go to a pub for a drink, or to watch a movie.

Hell, we couldn’t even to to a coffee shop for lunch!


We’re unvaccinated.

Right now, in 2022 in New Zealand, we belong to a minority group of second class citizens.

An underclass.

We’ve done our due diligence and chosen not to get the jab, so that means we can’t enter restaurants or other eating places.

We are currently members of a group of ordinary Kiwis that is being increasingly discriminated against, vilified, and excluded from day-to-day society.

We are commonly referred to as ‘anti-vaxers’ even though most of us are not anti-vaccination.

We belong to a group of people who are being accused of being ‘selfish’, of being ‘dangerous’, and of being somewhat dirty, contagious and best avoided.

In fact things have gotten so polarised and crazy, that we have unbelievable examples of discrimination and mindlessness such as a business owner in our little town expressing her opinion that “all the unvaccinated should be rounded up and put on an island to die…”

What she didn’t realise was that she was saying this to another business owner who was actually unvaccinated…


Then there was the case of hospital staff here in New Zealand expressing similar malevolent opinions.

Two women (highly qualified medical staff) discussed their thoughts on how the unvaccinated should be treated, in writing, on an online forum where screenshots were taken by someone who obviously didn’t agree with them, and then shared widely on social media.

Oops again….

The opinions of these particularly nasty DHB staff were that the unvaccinated should be left in the hospital corridors, or in a shed on Wellington wharf to die…

These people have the lives of patients in their hands every day.

It is scary how sick, how twisted and crazy this whole situation has become. But I digress.

The main reason for this post was to share what we can’t do as unvaccinated Kiwis.

Because for those who are double jabbed and proudly sporting their vax passports, many have no idea just how this apartheid system works, how it affects the lives of the unvaccinated, or that it even actually exists because it doesn’t actually affect them.

In fact I’ve spoken to double jabbed folk who didn’t know that we can’t go into a coffee shop or a restaurant. They were truly surprised when I told them.

So let’s go…

Unvaccinated people in New Zealand currently:

  • Can not eat in restaurants or coffee shops
  • Can not go into pubs or clubs
  • Can not go to movie theaters
  • Can not go to events such as concerts or shows
  • Can not stay in many accommodation businesses including hotels, motels and campgrounds
  • Can not camp in publicly owned DOC campgrounds
  • Can not play their chosen sport in many cases where clubs have mandated. This is particularly devastating for children.
  • Can not go into most council run (publicly owned) facilities such as libraries and swimming pools
  • Can not attend many social clubs
  • Can not go into their local RSA club even if they’ve been a member for years
  • Can not work at their chosen profession in many cases. Thousands of Kiwis have and are in the process of losing their jobs where businesses, even those not mandated by the government, have chosen to mandate the jab anyway
  • Can not operate their businesses (depending on the type of business)
  • Can not fly on some airlines
  • Can not travel on some ferries
  • Can not study at Universities and colleges
  • Can not attend or sell at some farmers markets

and there’s probably more that I can’t think of right now…

IF this was happening for any other reason, or being done to any other minority group, there would be a public outcry.

If for example people with dark skin, or those who identify as gay or transexual, or even people with HIV (who were once considered ‘dangerous’ due to the fear mongering of the media back in the 1980’s) were excluded in this way, there would be an uproar.

But because of the hysteria and the hatred that has been created by media and government propaganda, this is being allowed, accepted, ignored and perpetrated by the majority of New Zealanders.

The saddest part of all this is that children are being affected massively. Some Kiwi kids are being taught that it’s okay to discriminate, while others are learning that they have to accept that they can’t participate any more.

Once upon a time New Zealanders stood up, strong, proud and vocal against the very idea of Apartheid. Kiwis protested loudly against Apartheid during the 1981 Springbok Tour because they knew discrimination was inherently wrong.

What happened?

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