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Keto Bread Recipes: How To Make Keto Bread

Let’s chat about keto bread! I think it’s really common when anyone starts on a keto diet, that after a period of time a craving for bread begins to kick in.

I know it has done with me in the past…

Bread is a staple and if you’re used to eating bread regularly, or you’re a someone who relies on bread for a quick meal or snack, then you are probably going to have a hankering for bread on the keto diet.

So let’s dive into the subject of keto bread, things to consider, and why you might want to make your own. First we’ll answer some common questions.

Why Eat Keto Bread?

Let’s face it – you don’t have to eat bread at all. Bread is not an essential part of a healthy diet. But it is a staple for many people.

Bread is quick and convenient. So much so, that to remove it from your diet may leave you floundering!

“What will I eat if I can’t have bread?” she screamed… 😱

Removing bread from your diet can be done, but it often needs to be a gradual process as you learn to replace it with other healthy foods.

However if you choose to continue to eat bread, or even if you just want to eat it occasionally, then you might want to choose keto bread. Particuarlly if you want to lose weight, if you’re on a keto diet or your are wanting to lower your blood glucose.

Keto breads are low in carbohydrate which means they don’t spike your blood sugar levels!

As part of a low carb diet, keto breads can help to keep your blood glucose in a healthier range, as well as helping you to lose weight and improve your health.

Are Keto Style Breads Healthy?

Well that depends… There are plenty of commercial brands of keto bread available these days, but they are always going to vary in quality and ingredient integrity.

This is because there is no shortage of unscrupulous food companies out there who only care about their bottom line. They do NOT give a rats about your health!

Let’s face it. Most of these food manufacturers have jumped on the keto bandwagon for the profit potential, and they’ll use the cheapest ingredients in their products so they can make more profit. These may include GMO’s or additives that will keep the bread low carb, but may not be particulary healthy for your body.

As always, I suggest doing your own research. Get some knowledge under your belt so you can decide what you are okay with eating, and what you’re willing to put into your body.

As with all processed foods, when buying Keto breads always read the ingredient labels and the nutrition panel!

Make sure that the bread you’re buying is actually low carb. Don’t be fooled into assuming that because the product has ‘keto’ in the name that it is automatically low carb. And check that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that you don’t want to consume.

But better still, why not make your own keto bread?

Homemade is always best and bread smells so good while it’s baking… Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of making it yourself and you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

Keto Bread

How Is Bread For Keto Made?

Most keto bread recipes are pretty simple. While there are yeast risen keto bread recipes available, there are plenty that don’t use yeast, don’t need rising or kneading, and don’t require any kind of fussiness.

There are lots of Keto bread recipes that are quick and easy to make.

But finding good recipes is key!

There are some not so good Keto bread recipes around. Common complaints are that they taste ‘eggy’, or that they’re heavy, soggy or unappealing.

What Is Keto Bread Made Of?

Most keto breads are made from almond flour and often coconut flour, eggs and other specific ingredients depending on the type of bread.

Some keto bread recipes include other nut flours, green banana flour, seeds such as flax, chia, and sunflower seeds. Some even contain Cricket flour! (Yep that’s made from real bugs…).

Is Keto Bread Gluten Free?

I would have said yes if I’d not done some research into this. Here in New Zealand, I don’t think I’ve seen a ‘keto’ bread that contains gluten. However, when I did some digging into keto breads overseas, many do actually contain gluten. Some are basically made from it!

Many people are sensitive to gluten and so these breads may not work for them. However if gluten’s not an issue for you, and you don’t want to make your own keto bread then always remember to read the labels.

Examine the ingredient labels between different brands and compare.

What I discovered looking at some of the keto breads in the United States was that a lot of them contain all sorts of additives and stuff that I personally wouldn’t eat.

Of the American keto breads I looked at, there was really only one brand that looked okay to me (apart from the gluten because I’m sensitive). This brand contains real food, no chemical additives and 0 net carbs. It actually looks pretty popular and gets good reviews. So it could be an option for those in the US who are okay with gluten.

But why not bake your own bread?

Keto bread recipe

How To Make Keto Bread

I came across this recipe book a couple of years ago and it’s a good one. The truth is that I kind of stumbled on it…

How it came about was that I was looking through an email account that I don’t use much any more for an old message and I spotted an email with a recipe for a paleo friendly bread.

The email caught my eye for some reason, even though it wasn’t what I was looking for, and so I read the email, which included the bread ingredients, just out of interest.

I realised with some surprise that I could actually eat this bread and it looked like it would be perfect for a low carb or keto diet.

So I clicked through to the website from the email. I had a look at the information on the site and bought a digital copy of the recipe book. The price was good and it looked like value for money IF the recipes were good…

To be honest, I was a little skeptical.

I’d tried lots of bad gluten free bread recipes in the past, and I wasn’t convinced that these keto breads would be good. But for the small cost book (about $18), I figured it was worth the risk.

And it really was a risk well taken because the recipe book is fantastic!

What’s In The Kelly Herring Keto Bread Recipe Book?

Kelly Herring’s book is more than just a recipe book. There’s tons of info about keto, plus loads of tips about the different ingredients and how to get the best results, as well as a really good variety of recipes including:

  • Sesame Onion Sandwich Bread
  • Better Banana Bread
  • Hearty Sandwich Bread
  • Almond Butter Bread
  • Keto Protein Bread
  • Cashew Sourdough Bread
  • Real Deal Keto Bread
  • English Muffins
  • Keto pita pockets
  • and more….

There’s also rolls & buns, crackers and flat-breads, and even a couple of AMAZING pizza bases!

I remember that one of the things that I loved about this book immediately was that they’d gone to the trouble of including the nutritional information for each recipe. That means that if you’re on a low carb or keto diet, you know exactly how many carbs are in a serving of each bread.

If you’d like to take a look at this recipe book and start baking your own keto breads and snacks you can find it here.

Which Bread Is Best For The Keto Diet?

Home made is always best! You get to control the quality of the ingredients that go into your bread, so if you choose to only eat organic pastured eggs, then that’s what’s in your bread.

If you choose to use only organic ingredients, then that’s what’s in your bread.

And if you don’t care about all that organic stuff, it doesn’t matter. You still know exactly what you’re eating!

My Favourite Keto Bread Recipe

The first recipe I tried from this book is still one of my favourites (I have quite a few…) and I decided to include it below for you to try.

You’re welcome… 😄

So when I made this bread for the very first time I’d not eaten bread for ages. I was kinda excited, and I remember that as I was mixing the ingredients together it had a very pleasant ‘bready’ smell which I found a wee bit intriguing…

Anyway, I mixed it all together, baked it and then I took it from the oven and let it cool down.

Once cool, I cut a slice and cautiously took a bite.

I was really not expecting what came next!

Honestly? I was expecting something that was kind of dry and maybe okay if I was lucky.

But this bread was great! I mean seriously good and so very, very edible… This loaf of keto bread had great texture and a great flavour.

I was truly amazed….

Keto bread

And so the next day I made another loaf – because I could, because I’d been deprived of bread for so long, and because hubby and I demolished that first loaf quick smart! Except I made a double batch this time because the loaf was too small for my tin and so it was a bit shallow.

Doubling the recipe gave the same perfect results, with the same cooking time, but a larger loaf.

Happy days!

Anyway, here’s that recipe that I first tried if you want to give it a go.

Click here to check out the recipe book for yourself.


P.S. Kelly Herring also has a great keto desserts recipe book. I have some favourites in that one too! If you have a sweet tooth you can find it here.

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